Acrylic polymers are obtained from derivatives of acrylic and methacrylic acids; the group includes also their copolymers with various vinylic and allylic monomers. Monomers commonly used in the production of these polymers are acrylonitrile, acrylic and methacrylic acids, and their amide and alkyl ester derivatives.Acrylic polymers are commonly used in pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), which rely on subtle pressure to create a bond. Applying this pressure enables the adhesive to “wet out” — to flow and cover a substrate to maximize the contact area and the attractive forces between the adhesive and bonding surface.

Appearance: Milky slightly  viscous liquid with bluish tone 

Application : Used as a binder for Leather Application,thermapol to concrete mix adhesive,cement dispersant,water reducer ,admixture,joint filler and sealant.

Derivation : Acranil RF/RN,Ripaton SBR -100, Rayfil SB -30,Rayfix WHP (Special),Disperse RPC -40

PH: 7  to 8


Acranil RF/RN

Ripaton SBR-100

Rayfil SB-30

Rayfix WHP(Special)

Disperse RPC-40

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